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Great ideas are difficult to come by. When you do come up with a remarkable concept, you may be eager to share your invention. However, it is important you retain the intellectual property rights to your idea. Meroni & Meroni PC share the same goal as you, which is protecting your creation. Through our legal services, your invention and profits from your invention can remain yours.

Meroni & Meroni PC offer multiple legal services including:

  • Patents: Dealing with intellectual property rights can cost you valuable time you could be spending on developing a prototype. Our attorneys can help you file your patent application to secure your exclusive monopoly once your invention is created.
  • Trademarks and Service Marks: Consumers are bombarded with slogans every day. Distinguishing your product with a clever trademark or service mark is not easy. We can weed out similar-looking marks to ensure your mark is unique and registered.
  • America Invents Act: There have been several changes to patent law since the America Invents Act was enacted. The changes include faster patent processing and patent prosecution. As lawyers, we can apply the new policies to most benefit you.
  • Final Observations: Since the federal government is regularly revising intellectual property laws, you may not be aligned with the new policies. We can keep you up-to-date and provide you legal counseling to secure your financial success of your idea.

We have extensive experience dealing with all types of patent matters, assuring you we can resolve your issue. In addition to our legal services, we can assist you with the formation and maintenance of your new business. By providing our property law services at reduced costs, we can help you launch your business based on your genius idea. The next time you have a stellar idea, call Meroni & Meroni PC at (847) 304-1500.

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