The founding members of Meroni & Meroni, P.C., Charles F. Meroni, Sr. and Charles F. Meroni, Jr., began practicing law in Chicago in 1926 and 1960, respectively, for a wide range of clientele with the firm of Hill Sherman Meroni Gross & Simpson. Throughout their legal careers they amassed invaluable experience in all aspects of obtaining and maintaining intellectual property rights. In the mid 1980’s, the Founders perceived a need for quality intellectual property law services to be available at reduced costs for individuals and smaller businesses in the suburbs. Thus, in the 1984-1986 period the Founders commenced existence of Meroni & Meroni, P.C. in the northwest suburbs. Since that time, the firm has grown and relocated its offices and now includes full time registered patent attorneys including Founder Charles F. Meroni, Jr. Meroni & Meroni, P.C. practices law in Illinois.

Beginning with the career of the Founding member Charles F. Meroni, Jr. and continuing today, Meroni & Meroni, P.C. assists clients throughout the U.S.A. and worldwide. We patent inventions ranging from complex machines and devices, to simple mechanical inventions, to household gadgets and accessories, to electrical devices and chemical innovations. We also assist clients in obtaining and protecting most aspects of trademark and service mark rights, as well as fair trade rights. We also provide marketing assistance to our clients, where possible to manufacture and market their inventions.

The experienced attorneys at Meroni & Meroni, P.C. offer invaluable assistance to clients starting a new business. We provide legal services and consulting involving the formation of new business entities, e.g. partnerships and corporations, as well as maintenance of these entities.

The attorneys of Meroni & Meroni, P.C. have technical backgrounds well versed in the mechanical sciences. Specifically, the attorneys have experience with all types of U.S. Patent application matters ranging from atomic energy patents, mechanical patents, electrical patents, chemical patents, and computer science patents involving software.

Moving to keep up with technology, Meroni & Meroni, P.C. offers our clients high-technology computer related intellectual property law services.

Meroni & Meroni, P.C. has the legal experience and capabilities of the “downtown firms” without the downtown price and inconvenience. We look forward to assisting you in protecting your million dollar “ideas”!

Why Choose Us?

  • Full Time Registered Patent Attorneys
  • Marketing Assistance to Our Clients
  • Downtown Firm without the Downtown Price
  • Wide Array of Intellectual Property Legal Service